TSS takes on Spartan Race West Virginia Trifecta!

We conquer mountains to help others overcome theirs.



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Team Southern Spartans is an eclectic group of passionate obstacle course runners from throughout the Southern United States.  We consist of every race, creed, religion and age group.  We have gifted athletes all the way down to those who inspire us with their courage to try.  We believe in helping one another while on the course and helping those who may not have the ability to compete alongside us.  Our desire is to inspire, motivate, and impact all we come across.

The Impact

We all have the ability and capacity to compete in these physically and mentally taxing obstacle course races.  We put ourselves through grueling workouts, run in all sorts of adverse weather and subject ourselves to all kinds of difficulties on the course.  We are truly blessed to be able to do so.  There are many children around the world who are caught up in trafficking and facing their own obstacles and mountains.  They may never see that finish line without our help.  Please consider donating so we can see all of these kids at the finish line.  Thanks.

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Team Southern Spartans

posted: 2018-05-15 10:31:53

We are a team of OCR runners located throughout the Southern United States dedicated to comraderi and supporting others. Many of the races we run together have fundraising programs to support local and national charities. We have chosen O.U.R. as our charity as we tackle the West Virginia Trifecta Weekend.

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Jonathan Brager

Amount: $ 10.00

Melinda Todd

Amount: $ 50.00

Richard Bowers

Amount: $ 50.00

Rob LaVielle

Amount: $ 50.00

Team TSS, Arooo

Shawn Johnson

Amount: $ 40.00

Brenda Weyerbacher

Amount: $ 20.00

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