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 My Story                                               

When I first heard of the atrocities happening to children in slavery all over the world I was horrified and overwhelmed. These children are alone in dark corners of the world and waiting for someone to help them. They are at the forefront of my mind every day. I have this impounding feeling to "Do Something" and very passionate about trying to help. I have organized a fundraising dance for this great cause in support of Operation Underground Railroad and more important in support of a special person Tim Ballard Founder and CEO of O.U.R. whose heartfelt mission is "To save as many of God's precious children as humanly possible" Tim Ballard and his team go into these dark corners of the world bringing light and hope to these children. The O.U.R. team have the courage, experience, resources and a strong faith to bring these children home... The best way for me to make the biggest impact is to support those organizations making huge strides in the rescue of children sold into slavery.It is my hope to reach as many people as we can. With a passion for dance I aim to do this through the world of music and dance. I am grateful to be a part of helping O.U.R. to save these children from these horrors. Please know that your donation is saving a child's life and giving hope to a child. Your donation is doing more than anything else  in this world,                                                       

My heartfelt thanks for all your support… Ronni

The Impact

My campaign is important due to the critical need to help with the complex issue of finding missing and exploited children. The organizations that rescue children from human trafficking and work to stop the spread of sexual abuse, material and stand up to child traffickers are reaching out for support.  “ When you raise funds and awareness for these organizations you directly impact the life of a suffering child. Each day that goes by a child suffers in slavery. Each day we "Do Something" a child is rescued. We have a lot of work to do and my campaign will directly impact the lives of children forced into the horrors of slavery. 

Thank you so much for your support!





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many blessings. Godspeed!

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God Bless...

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Keep it up

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Sorry I am unable to attend your fundraiser at the Living Room tomorrow. Please keep me posted for the next one. I so support your efforts for helping those who need to be saved. God Bless and Protect you always Roni. MUAH


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