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Your Story

Hi, Im Tia CEO/ Owner of Natia Natural Skin Care Australia.

I’m a mum of 3 beautiful kids and a wonderful husband.

When I heard about O.U.R I just knew I had to help. I’ve been very passionate about Human Trafficking and then when kids are brought into it it just scares me so much.

I was in Thailand a few years ago and was witness to what Child Trafficking was about. What I watched brought tears to my eyes. I watched helplessly as a young Thai girl no more then about 14 yrs old ran behind a man, he was a tourist, tears streaming down her face. He was yelling at this child to hurry up. As a mother and a female I knew in my heart what was about to happen to this girl. There was nothing I could do. To this day I think of that girl and many like her, what can I do to help them?? Finally I've found O.U.R.

The Impact

O.U.R Has given so much hope to people like me who want to help these kids. As a business owner I can actually make an impact. For every skincare product we sell we will be donating a percentage to O.U.R. As a mother how can I not help... As human being how can I let this continue..

I want to inspire others they too can make a difference. By buying our skincare products they will be saving & positively impacting the children's lives and helping us break the chain. I want to make people aware that Child Slavery Human Trafficking is really happening in the world today and we can stop it together!!

Naita - Skincare That Cares.

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