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No Child Deserves a Life of Darkness



Your Story

When I saw the movie The Abolitionists I couldn’t believe what I had seen. I couldn’t believe I had not heard about this crime before. All my life I have always wanted to help people. Whether it be animals, or people, I knew I wanted to make some difference in the world. But I didn’t know how. I had considered being a part of a natural disaster search and rescue team but something about this cause told me that i have to get involved and bring these hopeless children into the light

The Impact

This Campaign is important because there is so much chaos in the world that there are often those who are forgotten. There is not enough knowledge about this cause in the world. To see the smiling faces and hope return to these innocent children is just what the world might need. This can affect others by giving hope to those families who seem like all is lost. The impact of a child being taken away from their families is heartbreaking enough. If we can give them a hope that these kids will be found, what joy we could bring. What peace could we offer those who feel as if though there’s nobody. If this campaign doesn’t happen then who else will do it. Every day more and more kids are being taken and sold. Every second wasted is another second kids are spending in such darkness and misery. Kids as young as 4 years old are being sold. Kids as young as 10 are having children. They can’t enjoy the life of play and joy in a state of misery and suffering. It has to stop. 

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