Watercolor Me Happy

Custom watercolor family portraits that come in 2 sizes. 100% of proceeds will be donated to OUR.



Your Story

My name is Cassie Scalzi. I am an artist and I run a small watercolor business through social media. Very shortly after I began painting for profit, I realized I could use this to benefit a cause I care deeply about. Operation Underground Railroad rescues children who have become victims of human trafficking and are exposed to the darkest parts of this world. Now, 100% of proceeds earned through Watercolor Me Happy will be donated to this wonderful organization. Each family portrait or custom poster will contribute to eradicating slavery. These children deserve my help and yours.

The Impact

This campaign can make a difference. By creating something beautiful for your home, we can come just a littler closer to bringing one more child out of the dark. This can have a huge impact! Through the power of social media and word of mouth, this message can spread. We can raise awareness and funds to shine a light on the world of human trafficking and bring those kids home.

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