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Salt Lake on Fire for Freedom

We are Rob and Wendy Hanks, the Volunteer Team Leaders for Salt Lake City, UT, as of February 1, 2018.  We are both retired after long careers in business.  We have 5 daughters and 20 grandchildren who are our  inspiration for serving with O.U.R.  

We will be working with our wonderful volunteers from the Salt Lake area to put on many fund raising and awareness events.  

We realize, however, that there many great people in our community that don't have the time or desire to plan or attend events, yet they are willing and anxious to contribute to a great cause. O.U.R. is that cause.  15 minutes spent on the web site, , will inspire anyone.  In fact I challenge you to spend only 15 minutes on the site.  Once you get there it is hard to tear yourself away.  

This is going to be a networking effort.  We will be contacting individuals and businesses that we know.  We will be telling the O.U.R. story and asking for donations through this campaign.  We will also be asking these people to give us an introduction to people that they know that might be willing to donate.  

We know that this works.  Rob made the first such call yesterday, February 16, 2018.  This call resulted in a donation of $500 from the individual's company and referrals to 5 other individuals/companies.  He offered to accompany me to visit these people if they responded positively to his invitation.  

We would like to recruit other people like ourselves who have time and resources to spread this networking effort like "Fire".  With many people donating and a network of volunteers making the invitations we believe that we can raise a great deal of money from this campaign alone.  Our opening goal is $100,000 but we believe there is much more potential. 

If we raise $100,000 our leaders tell us that, by the averages, we would save 40 children from the nightmare of sex slavery.  


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Jennifer Miller, I appreciate you bringing my attention to such a great cause!

Gordon Hanks

Amount: $ 1000.00

Robert and Wendy Hanks

Amount: $ 10000.00

We are the Salt Lake Volunteer Team Leaders. We love the cause that OUR serves and want to set a high bar for our Salt Lake Team.

Vikki & Paul Kelly

Amount: $ 200.00

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