Mike's 40th Birthday Event for OUR Kids

We will be celebrating Mike's 40th birthday on May 14th, 2018 (event May 12th).



Your Story

Did you know that there are more humans being trafficked in modern day slavery right now than there were during the Trans-Atlantic Slavery?  Right now, 2 million of those are children.  This is happening right now, as I write this, across the world.  These children are sold for sex, and this is a fast growing, billion dollar industry.  Some of these children are 10 and 11 year old girls who already have babies of their own.  They are sold over and over again, daily, sometimes by family members, for sex.

How does this happen?  Imagine that you are a child in a 2nd or 3rd world country.  A hurricane just hit, and your parents disappear.  A nice lady finds you and promises to take care of you, or offers you work for pay to help support your family......and so you drive off with her (or him).  Vulnerable children in vulnerable families are taken, sold, and abused.

The Impact

Do you have children?   How would you feel if your child's face were published in a catalog as "For Sale?"  How could this be happening?  If you were the child described above, who would be coming for you?  Who would rescue you?  No one.  If you could do something to help stop this, would you?  Tim Ballard did.

He left his position within the CIA to start a privately funded organization devoted to rescuing these children from a horrific life.  As he said, "If me and my team don't go for these kids, no one is going to."  Tim and his team of former special forces agents and intelligence officers are a privately funded group who conduct operations to rescue these children and arrest the bad guys.  

Folks, this is modern day slavery and you can be a modern day abolitionist. Without Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman, who would have stepped up to help end slavery?  Who will stand up to spread awareness, raise money to help these children, and end modern day slavery?

We can.  It takes about $2000 to rescue one child.  Many of us pay that for one month of school tuition.  If you knew that you could rescue a child, what would that feel like?  What would it be like knowing you have helped fund a rescue?  Think about that.  

In honor of Mike's 40th birthday, our goal is to raise $12,000 to help rescue 6 children.  The money goes directly to Tim Ballard's team at OURrescue.org.  We aren't asking you to travel, risk your life, play the role of a pimp, work with other countries, or put yourself in a dangerous situation (all of which Tim and his team do).  We are asking you to donate to OURrescue to help Tim and his team help these kids.  This problem will never be eliminated until everyone knows and stands up.  We can think of no better way to celebrate life than to give life back to others who are powerless to change their situation.  

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Ashwin & Hansa Patel

Amount: $ 50.00

Happy birthday Mike. What an amazing organization to support.

The Patel's

Amount: $ 100.00

Happy 40th birthday Hammer! So happy to contribute to an amazing organization! Wishing you much love and happiness in all your years to come.

Lorena Garfi

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Happy Birthday Mike!!! You guys have such a big heart and we are so lucky to be your friends...

Leslie Maister

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Happy to help a great cause in honor of a great guy.

Paula Dauzickas

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Paula Dauzickas

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