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My name is Heather Huggett.

I'm a 49 year old mother of 2 and grand mother of 5. I grew up in Durham, NC. I have an associates degree in Medical billing and coding. I work as a home health care nurse for end of life patients. Either the elderly or terminally ill.

As a survivor of child sex abuse O.U.R. is my way of giving back to my community. I want to eradicate child sex abuse from the earth. I am a graduate of the Darkness to Light training program on noticing & stopping child sex abuse in all settings. I am the volunteer team leader for O.U.R. North Carolina.   


In less than 6 months we have gone from 8 members to over 100. A long term goal to raise awareness & our volunteer team membership to maintain 3 teams in the state of NC. Split like our land Coastal, Piedmont and Mountain regions. We also are seeking funding for a rehabilitation facility in Durham, NC. Join the fight, become an abolitionist.

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Heather, I support OUR since 2017 Its great to see you passionate about the awareness and support to eradicate sex trafficking. Tell me more about your efforts in your plans? Thanks, Robert

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