Kids Saving Kids

Instead of birthday presents, Isaac and Jade asked their friends and family to help them rescue kids



10 year old Isaac and 8 year old Jade became aware of O.U.R. and its lifesaving mission about 4 years ago. Since then they have been a part of many fundraisers, but decided they wanted to do more for this cause. So this year instead of getting gifts from their family and friends for their birthdays, they are asking for donations to O.U.R. On January 27, 2018 they are having a combined pool party, having invited both of their school classes. If everyone donated just $15 they would reach their goal!

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Mia L

Amount: $ 20.00

Such a wonderful, selfless idea for a birthday! Happy birthday Isaac and Jade! I’m really proud of the people you are becoming. You have great parents teaching you. Love you!!

Denali Gillen

Amount: $ 15.00

I love you both and I’m so proud of you!

Brigitte and Ryan

Amount: $ 20.00

Happy Birthday, Dear Isaac and Jade!! We miss living close to you! We love you!!

Kory and Melissa

Amount: $ 15.00

Happy Birthday!! Love you guys!


Amount: $ 12.00

Mike & Terri

Amount: $ 50.00

We’re proud of you treasures!

Katy Jones

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Happy birthday!

Izabelle Brooks

Amount: $ 15.00

Thank you for your selflessness.

Heather Roldan

Amount: $ 20.00

(from Eric)

Veronica Leitner

Amount: $ 30.00

Happy Birthday! This is great what you guys are doing! From Mrs. Leitner and Jackson Leitner.

Kaeden Halpern

Amount: $ 20.00

Jon Coleman

Amount: $ 30.00

Great cause!!!


Amount: $ 100.00

Payten strickland

Amount: $ 40.00

Happy Birthday to two wonderful kiddos! Hope you reach your goal!

April Dunbar

Amount: $ 60.00

Happy Birthday Isaac and Jade. You are doing an amazing thing helping other children. From Shawn and Savion Dunbar.

Mutti and Papa

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

What a wonderful decision you've made to support this organization! We love you!

Alvin Cornick

Amount: $ 30.00

On behalf of Illyanna & Amar'e Cornick

Zion Mountainsheep

Amount: $ 15.00

Sabrina Monson

Amount: $ 40.00

Happy Birthday Isaac and Jade!


Amount: $ 20.00

Connie Brown

Amount: $ 100.00

Very worthy cause. We know of a family whose 14 year old daughter was taken while visiting Mexico and yet to be found. Awful. You should be very proud of this work you are doing.

Mary Willis

Amount: $ 20.00

Talia Blankenship

Amount: $ 25.00

Happy Birthday Isaac. What a wonderful cause and gracious heart y’all have to do something so selfless. The Blankenship Family

Alexander Wilson

Amount: $ 15.00

Kristie Fernandez

Amount: $ 15.00

RSVPing for Brandon. I will also message your phone. What a wonderful campaign!


Amount: $ 23.00

Happy Birthday! You're awesome for doing this! $20 is from us and $1 each from Dominic, Santi, and Nyah.

Wendy Young

Amount: $ 15.00

So proud of you guys! Keep up the good work!

Nana and Papaw

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Love the big hearts in these babies!

Austin Young

Amount: $ 100.00

Happy birthday guys. So proud of you. Love uncle Austin


Amount: $ 15.00

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