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I am raising money for O.U.R. as my Eagle Scout Service Project



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My name is Hunter Kelly.  I am a Life Scout in The Boy Scouts of America organization.  I am working to the rank of Eagle Scout.  In order to do so I must organize and execute a service project that serves the community.  I have chosen to raise money for Operation Underground Railroad.  I cannot think of a better way of serving than to assist in freeing children from slavery.  It saddens me to think that children are being treated in such evil ways.  My goal is to raise enough money to assist in saving the same amount of children as are in my family.  It will take approximately $15,000.00 to save five children.  Please help me help children in need.  Thank you so very much.  We are in the service of our God when we are in the service of our fellow beings.

The Impact

I once heard a story of a young man who asked his father what effect he can have on the world.  The father walked his son to a large lake.  The water was calm.  The father picked up a small stone, handing it to his son and asked him what effect this stone can have on the surface of the lake?  The son stated that the stone was so small and the lake was so large. "The stone won't have any effect on the surface of the lake."  The father then asked his son to throw the stone into the lake. As the stone struck the surface of the lake, it made a small ripple.  That ripple traveled to the shore and continued to across the lake.  The father explained that small acts have large effects.  It is up to us to do those small acts.

My campaign is a very small act in comparison to the huge undertaking of freeing all children from slavery, however, this small act can make a huge difference in the lives of the few we can help.  Our Savior stated that we should leave the ninety and nine to 

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Amount: $ 1000.00

My prayer is that each abused child will call out to Jesus to save them and He will show Himself mighty on their behalf!

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