100 Abolitionists

We are 100 abolitionists committed to raising $1,000 each.



International child sex trafficking has reached epidemic proportions.  A recent publicized sting in the United States resulted in the rescue of 84 children, the youngest victim being three months old.  Four victims were recovered in Georgia, and sixty arrests were made here in our state.  Hearing those shocking numbers and knowing children are being held captive near your community, can you turn away?  

Operation Underground Railroad is a phenomenal organization committed to rescuing victims of child sex slavery and providing them with the love and rehabilitation they desperately need. We are looking for one hundred abolitionists committed to raising $1,000 each to combat child sex slavery, here and abroad.   We are offering three ways to help us accomplish this goal.  

We are hosting a push-up contest to raise money for Operation Underground Railroad and to bring awareness to this unbelievable and heartbreaking injustice.  To contribute, you may (1) sponsor a participant and pledge per push-up (example: you may pledge $1 for every push-up completed by the person who invited you to participate), (2) you may use this site to give a one time lump sum, or (3) you can become an abolitionist and join the contest.  To pledge per push-up, provide your name, phone number, email address, and amount you wish to pledge to the person you will sponsor.  To join the contest, send an email to Carrol at carrolleeperrin@icloud.com. 

Help us end child sex trafficking by offering your support today.

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