Help Support my Birthday by Donating to O.U.R.

I am donating my birthday to STOP human trafficking, please support my effort by donating any amount



Your Story

My name is Heidi, I come from a background of growing up in a very abusive family. I was raped by my father and brother over a course of 15 years and know what it is like to deal with the emotional, psychological and physical toll it puts on a person.

I have devoted my life to trying to help anyone that I can, I am currently trying to get into the University of Utah to earn my MSW so I can help anyone who is needing extra support.

The Impact

I sat listening about Human Trafficking and cried when I saw the children being rescued, heard the stories of children who had asked for cocaine before having sex so they could calm down because they were scared. I cried because no child, no adult, no human being should have to experience something like this.

I sat thinking of a country song "Let them be little..." and wished I could do more than I am doing. After looking on the O.U.R. website, I decided to donate my birthday and try to raise money to this wonderful organization who risks their lives to go out and save lives of precious little souls who deserve to be happy and be free and be a kid!

Please help me meet my goal and make my birthday a wonderful happy one this year! Lets put smiles on the faces of these kids that get rescued!

Thank you! Lets all be abolitionist!!!

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Joseph Norelli

Amount: $ 100.00

God Bless You, Heidi! You have a Heart of Gold! I'm praying for you, Good Luck with your schooling, I know you'll do well! Joseph

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