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Today, slavery is as big of problem as it has ever been.  This is an unbelievable truth to most people, but the most disturbing part about this truth is that today's face of slavery is more often than not the face of an innocent and defenseless child.  

Today, there are estimated to be around 2 million boys and girls being sold as sex slaves, and there are many, many more being sold as slave laborers and even as organ donors.  

The fact that any of this is occurring to any degree, is a complete disgrace to all humanity, and my question to you is- what are you willing to do about it?  Anything?

This is a problem that not one of us should be able to ignore, and although most of us do not have the means necessary to fight this issue on the front lines, all of us, in some fashion, have the ability to financially support those who do.

Nick Holbrook and I, Randy Cooper, have decided to donate 10% of our "Pursuit of Happiness" game revenues over the next six months to  O.U.R. Rescue campaign, however large or small they may be.  But in addition to our contribution, we would also like to strongly encourage you, yes... you, to make a direct donation to Operation Underground Railroad to assist them in their fight to eradicate slavery.

One of the greatest gifts in life is the gift of having the opportunity and ability to give in support of a great cause.  Eradicating slavery is a great, great cause.  O.U.R. is giving all of us the opportunity to support it, and yes, you have the ability to do it.  Please give yourself this amazing gift.

Thank you for your generosity and thank O.U.R. for their amazing work and mission to eradicate slavery!


Randy Cooper

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