The Rescue - From Huntsville to Boston

Running the Huntsville UT marathon to qualify for Boston. Each rescuer donates $26.20



Who am I - and why do I support O.U.R?

My name is Greg Hall.  I support Operation Underground Railroad because I believe that every child deserves to be safe - safe from harm, from fear and from sex trafficking.

Each of us can help save these children, who by no choice of their own, are being trafficked for sex.  Their voices are silent, but our voices and our donations can speak for them, can help rescue them and can save them from a life of physical and emotional pain. 

What I am doing - How you can Help

On Sept 16, 2017, I'm running the Huntsville UT marathon to qualify for the 2018/19 Boston Marathon.  To raise $2000.00, each rescuer, (you) donates $26.20 (the equivalent of 26.2 miles, the length of a marathon).  And if I qualify for Boston, you get to donate $26.20 again!

I'll keep you posted on the success of the marathon and the money raised to help O.U.R. save these children.

Please help us and O.U.R. fight child sex trafficking, one marathon and one dollar at a time.

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Amount: $ 50.00

Thank you for the good you are doing in this world. You help so many of us in so many ways. With much appreciation for your Christlike attributes, One of your customers


Amount: $ 26.20

Our son, Greg Hall, was a runner in the Huntsville Marathon and suggested that we donate. I hope you reach your goal.


Amount: $ 20.00


Amount: $ 30.00

You are doing great things!

Lorilee Richardson

Amount: $ 26.20

This is a great cause!


Amount: $ 26.20


Amount: $ 26.20

Good luck!

Greg Hall

Amount: $ 26.20

Here's my $26.20 donation to start this campaign: Run for the Rescue - Huntsville to Boston. Please help us reach our goal of $2000 by Sept 30, 2017.

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