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I am grateful for an organization like Operation Underground Railroad because it takes a lot of determination and courage to do what they do.

I am a first generation, refugee immigrant from a third world country.  When I see news stories about child sex/human trafficking, it breaks my heart to know many children are sold or kidnapped into such atrocious conditions. Often times, these victims are sold by their own family members because an outsider preys on them with promises of work, education, or a better life.   This is far from the truth and this is a reason why O.U.R. exists.  Without help from this organization, I cannot imagine the suffering these children must endure.

I am lucky that my parents sacrificed to come to the US, so I can have a better life and the opportunities available here.  If I can help give back to any child left behind, this is my goal.  It is important we protect children from all backgrounds from this despicable way practice.   

Please donate $5, $10, or whatever you can spare.  Missing a cup of latte will help tremendously.  Thank you.

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