O.U.R. Ride to End Child Slavery - A Bicycle Tour From Coast-to-Coast

My bicycle tour from San Diego, California to Jacksonville, Florida in 45 days.



My Story

Last year my brother Nate invited my dad and I to see a movie in theaters.  I only learned about the name of the movie before going in; “The Abolitionists”, but I still had no idea what I was about to see.

Throughout the film, my heart raced. I had tears. It was a powerful documentary about saving children from being sex slaves. I had no idea how devastating this problem is in the world. About 2 million children are being sold to be raped, sometimes up to 8-10 times in one night. Some kids are as young as 10 years old and pregnant. This was all very alarming to me.

It hit me so hard that I wanted to do something about it.

The past couple of years I’ve thought a lot about going on a bicycle tour across the United States from coast to coast. At first, I wanted to do this because I thought, “how cool would it be to say that I rode a bike from coast to coast?” However, earlier this year, I had an idea to go on my bicycle tour for the children being abused as slaves and raise money and awareness for their rescuing and aftercare from my ride.

I have recently started this campaign for Operation Underground Railroad - the nonprofit organization that helps save these kids from sex trafficking and slavery. I have personally donated $350 along with paying for the tour itself, so that you, and others will see my seriousness and passion in doing this. - I will be going on this ride.

My goal is to leave November 3 this year from San Diego, California and ride along what’s called the Southern Tier, and arrive in Jacksonville, Florida on December 17.

I hope that you’ll join me in the fight against slavery for these kids. I also hope that you’ll help spread the word about my campaign, as well as the good that Operation Underground Railroad is doing.

Help me reach my goal of $7,500 by donating to my campaign by the deadline on December 17, 2017 - the day I end my tour in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Backers (24)

Anna Collins

Amount: $ 25.00

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to support this wonderful cause. It is so important and I appreciate you.

Paul Baker

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David Wadman

Amount: $ 500.00

Good Job Wyatt!


Amount: $ 20.00


Janee Bottom

Amount: $ 25.00

I have worked with Wyatt's Aunt, Becky Wood, for 33 years. Becky is possibly the greatest Aunt on the planet. When she asked if I would like to donate, I said "sign me up." Good luck Wyatt!!!

Jarett Iverson

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

This is awesome Wyatt, best of luck

Trina Buttars Dykster

Amount: $ 100.00

Admire your bravery! Praying for safe travels, knowing you will have great success!

Laura Collins

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Good luck!

Lenora G. Spencer

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Amount: $ 100.00

Good. Work.


Amount: $ 75.00


Amount: $ 1.00

Good luck and safe travels!

Tom Holstrom

Amount: $ 50.00

Best wishes for a successful ride...!!

Tessa Diamond

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Best of luck, Wyatt!


Amount: $ 35.00

This is a cause I am passionate about, so thank you for your efforts in eliminating it.


Amount: $ 10.00

Jamie Campbell

Amount: $ 60.00

I admire you for going out and making a change. Those poor kids are living in a nightmare, something nobody should ever go though. Be safe!


Amount: $ 10.00

Emily Ashby

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

I love this cause! So exciting Wyatt! Be safe and have a great time!

Dallan Knudsen

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

You got this Wyatt

Artie Powell

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Artie Powell

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Good luck Wyatt.


Amount: $ 250.00

What a great effort! Best of luck!!!


Amount: $ 300.00

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