Operation Abolitionist 4

For the fourth consecutive year Black Angels Recon will be hosting its charity event for OUR



Our Story

Black Angels Recon is a Utah Airsoft group that was formed back in 2012, the founders of this group had three core goals when they started the team: first was to create a fun and safe atmosphere for airsofters of all ages to get together, second was to teach its members honor, respect, and integrity, and finally, to leave the world a better place than we found it. Because of these goals Black Angels Recon (or BAR) has made it a tradition to donate to Operation Underground Railroad every year. 

Our Impact

Every year we have hosted this event our donation amount has increased, we are fortunate to belong to an incredible community of both youth and adults who care about others and strive to do good in our world. Our hope is to continue this fight to free children and those who are less fortunate from the clutches of slavery. But we can't do this without you, please join us in liberating kids around the globe from this terrible life. 

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