Find Piece for O.U.R.

Jewelry to raise funds and awareness for O.U.R.



Our Story

My Sister and I have been designing jewelry together for over a decade. We have been so blessed to be able to involve our daughters in the process. The four of us went to the park to sit in nature and discuss a slogan for our jewelry line. The more we talked the less we focused on the design of the jewelry and the more we focused on the message. We talked about our pasts and our futures our joys and our trials. Who do we want to be? Who are our best selves? How do you find that bit of meaning to hang on to? How do you find peace? We have always embraced personal giving but what if there was a way to make a difference on a larger scale... to get more people involved... to physically wear a reminder of this every day so when you put it on or look down at your neck you are mindful of the cause you are championing... to create an actual piece that helps people find peace. My niece Mackie sketched out this beautifully simple symbol incorporating the balance of the ying and the yang with the new growth of leaves. We instantly loved it. Instead of Creating a new tagline for our existing jewelry line, we created a concept for a whole new line and Find Piece was born. We started talking about how we could give to charities and become personally involved, even in small ways, so we could inspire a change in the way people think about finding personal fulfillment. The concept was so much bigger than any one of us. 

While researching Operation Underground Railroad, I was particularly inspired by the following quote. “The symbol of the underground railroad shines through the darkness that surrounds these poor children and offers hope and freedom to children that are abused daily.” This became the inspiration for the "Shine Through" piece. Each of our jewelry pieces are made with the finest quality 14K Gold and Sterling Silver Plated metals.

- Jeanne Holland, Co-Founder Find Piece

The Impact

During this campaign we will be donating $30- from every $40- piece sold on the website. 

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