Impactful Gear. Impactful Service.

Trekr Outdoor's mission is to be an impact for good.



Trekr Outdoor has one goal in mind in one word: Impactful.  We hope to help people open the outdoors by providing gear that impacts their experience for the better while impacting the world.  We feel passionate about Operation Underground Railroad's (O.U.R.) efforts to eradicate human trafficking in the U.S. and around the world and we want to help.

While we are still a growing company, we feel the importance of giving back every step of the way.  We give back 1% of all revenue to O.U.R. to help impact and save children's lives.

We have chosen to partner with O.U.R. to raise, in this specific campaign, at least $3,500 dollars this first year of our growth by July 5, 2018.  The cost to rescue one child is about $200-$3,000.  If we can help in the funding to just save one child's life, we are impacting a whole generation.  

Be impactful.  Share this and please help us in this cause and give enough so YOU are impacted from your donation to help save the life of a child

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