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Hi I'm Chloe Taylor, the passionate mumma behind Taylor Made Bliss, and I've chosen to start this fundraising campaign because once I knew of O.U.R and the amazing work they do, I couldn't not. 

I couldn't walk away and just get back on with my day. 

Because I have kids. 

I have been blessed two incredible girls, and I couldn't think of anything more unbearable in life than if something were to happen to my precious babes. 

I couldn't imagine a fate worse than your sweet innocent child being swept away and lost into this dreadful world of sex slavery and human trafficking.

Yet this is happening every.single.day! 

I felt a strong NEED to be a part of the solution. 

I don't have to play the lead role in this operation, but I feel I can do my part. 

We all can.

So here's what I can do, I can create. I can sew. 

I will donate all the profits from the sale of my Oil Huggies to help abolish this horrendous 'industry'. 

The Impact

If we all do what we can, could you imagine what's possible? 

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Byron Bourne

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Thanks for my beautiful oil huggy x

Prue Warchola

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Thanks for the oil huggy!


Amount: $ 50.00

Such a worthy cause! Xx

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