Yoga With Chantelle Donation Class

I am going to be holding a 1.5 hour free yoga class and all donations will be going to support OUR



Your Story

My Name is Chantelle. I am a Single mother to two beautiful children, yoga instructor and doTerra Wellness Advocate. I recently attended the doTerra 2017 convention, and learned about the incredible work that OUR do. I was brought to tears about these women and children who are kidnapped, snatched and taken from their families to be thrown into slavery or the sex industry. I immediately thought of my own children and how devastated, horrified, distraught I would feel if this happened to one of them. This is something no child should ever experience. Children are so innocent and defenceless. These horrid people need to be stopped, they are destroying these women and childrens lives for their own selfish disgusting gains and it needs to stop.

The Impact

So this got me thinking about what i can do to help. It just feels so wrong to me to sit and do nothing, so i have decided to run a donation based yoga class in my area. I am in the process or organising the date and venue, and then then it will be full steam ahead. I would like to then be able to run these classes on a regular basis and raise a lot of money to help these children and women get back to their families, or loved ones and have a normal life.
I will definitely post more once the details have been set.
I'm so happy to be able to use my love of yoga for the greater good of other people.

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