Cookies and Spare Change

cookies and Jar brought to your home. You commit to fill it with your spare change until 11-23-17.



Cookies and Spare Change...


For the past while, it seemed everywhere we turned there was another disturbing news story about child sex trafficking. We did further investigating, and found out it is happening EVERYWHERE—it is so rampant, you would not believe. This is a troubling topic that none of us want to discuss, much less even think about (we don’t.)


We know you feel like us. We are regular people, so how can we do something BIG to really help them?  Especially when these horrors are so underground that we have no idea how to get to, or even find, those who need rescuing.


While preparing to make a one-time donation to an AWESOME rescue organization we found, we got to thinking...


We know AMAZING people who would want to do something big if they could too. It's just that life is busy, and it’s expensive, and pretty much everyone we know is ALREADY giving to their favorite charities. So, we came up with an idea of how we could raise a LARGE amount of money, while not tapping people out or asking for big donations.




Step # 1  - We bring you "FREE, Homemade Cookies" and a "Mason Jar"  


THE COOKIES:  This is the yummy part, and yes the cookies are important to take.  If you are avoiding sweets, we will bring you the dough so you can make them up for someone else.  Seriously, we aren't giving out jars without these plates of cookies! This is our small way to do something for YOU, because YOU will be doing something amazing for OTHERS!


THE JAR:  This is the big part! (and it's super simple and painless.) You commit to put your spare change, (end of day in pants pockets type) in the mason jar we give you from the day you receive it until November 23rd, Thanksgiving Day. At that point, take the money you've set aside, tally it up, and you’ll know what to donate— all from those small, day-to-day additions you’ve made! Instead of collecting everyone's coins, we ask that you take the coins to your bank, put the money in your personal account, and then use your credit card to make your donation. This is why we started the campaign on the O.U.R. website.  Bada-Boom, Bada-Bing! With your jar, and all the others we will have out there, imagine all the good we can do! We'll be posting our final numbers in December so you can see what you were a part of making happen!


Step #2 - You watch this 2:02 minute clip about the rescue organization we are supporting, "Operation Underground Railroad".  There was a movie made about this organization called "The Abolitionists," and this is a short trailer which describes what they do. Why do we ask you watch the clip? Because it lets you know what this organization does, and what you are going to be a part of.  We are raising money together to fund a rescue trip! It will give you great resolve to work hard saving your coins, knowing who you are helping!  These guys are the real deal, and they REALLY save kids. Please do not let your younger children watch the clip; rather, just let them know you are saving coins to save kids who need our help. They’ll probably be your best supporters of filling your jars with the coins! If interested, you can also learn more by going to their website:



We've got a mason jar and homemade cookies ready for you if you are game!  Text, call or email us if you'd like to join this effort. Thank you! We love you!


Rod and Brooke Andersen  /  (970) 412-4362  /


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I had already been saving my change, and am giving it to help these kids! I added another $102. to the $98. I had in my jar to even out the number. I'm so proud of you guys for supporting this cause!

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