The Little Red Sock Monster for OUR

50% of all my book's proceeds will be donated to help OUR's mission.



I first heard about O.U.R. and their mission while watching the Glenn Beck Program. Bawling through the whole program out of sheer horror for what these children go through was pretty much the whole of it. I had to help, I needed to help. This was a cause I could put my whole heart and soul into. Using my writing to help this incredible organization seemed only natural. It spurred my drive to finish my story so that I could work to use the proceeds to help these children and this organization. Through my finished work and with your help I will be donating 50% of my proceeds to O.U.R. The other 50% will be used to spur additional writing projects that I will continue to use to help end the child sex slave trade. I hope you enjoy my story and thank you for your help! My book: The Little Red Sock Monster, can be purchased on,, and If you use, you can choose O.U.R. as the charity of choice for Amazon to donate a portion of the sale as well. Thank You! 

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