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Our Story

As part of our 2017 Huntington Beach LDS Midsingles Conference, we have chosen to partner with OUR Rescue to help rescue and rehabilitate children who have been victims of slavery.

Our Purpose

As single Latter-Day Saints we often struggle to find our purpose. We have been through some tough times but we love our Savior Jesus Christ and want to follow Him. Like the Apostle Peter, we can use our talents, time, and other means to "feed His sheep" and "feed His lambs"  as we strive to find our way.

What better way to feed His lambs than to help rescue them from modern day slavery? Perhaps our donations will help fund a mission that busts a trafficker. Or, maybe they will help a rescued child find peace and safety in a loving environment. We can do that!

Thank you so much for helping. 

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Victoria Hardey

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John and Taressa Earl

Amount: $ 250.00

Thank you for the great work of rescuing you are doing. We follow your work and we are so grateful for all you and your teams do!


Amount: $ 30.00


Amount: $ 10.00

For the kids!


Amount: $ 10.00

Good cause!


Amount: $ 50.00

I am the Chairman of the Huntington Beach Conference. My hope is that we can help gain support to your cause and to bring people closer to God and all of his children in need. I firmly believe that O.U.R. is doing Gods work.

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