Just one Man for a Cause

I am only a single man out to make a difference within a big BIG World.



My Story

Early 2015, I was firmly in the middle class with a home, car, and the usual bills we all have in everyday life. Then I had lost my job. It was devastation. On my knees and nowhere to turn, I started a small business which has been growing slowly. 

With a part time job and my small business, I have been able to survive. But I have never forgotten to give back to those in need.

I have always believed to give back to those in need from what is given to myself from God. Therefore, I have pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from certain products to different charities.

I have followed the Glenn Beck Show for a few years now and recently this charity was featured on his show.

Something spoke to my heart. 

I realized how fortunate we are to have grown up in a safe environment. The loved ones around us. I have not been a person to forget to give back to others in need. Many times those in need are those living next door but there are many out there not in the safe environment we are so fortunate to have had. 

I found this program not only protects those in need or offers support afterward but this program also goes after those inflicting the pain and suffering on the innocent.

I am grateful for the gifts bestowed upon myself. But I feel it necessary to not only help those in need but to stop those who are inflicting the pain.

Therefore, I say thank you and will work to provide $1500+ this year.



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