Project Liberation

Liberate One Child at a Time from the Chains of Sexual Slavery



Life is beautiful and so precious; and everyone deserves a fair shot to be able to fully live their own life with passion.  

My name is George Doumanian, I am an entrepreneur living in Florida, USA and a loving father to a beautiful little girl.

My intention is to inspire others to join me in the fight to support anti-child trafficking efforts and to bring an end to child slavery.

I will be donating 10% of the proceeds from my online businesses to contribute to the mission of Operation Underground Railroad to help save children from sexual slavery.

The average cost it takes to save a child from sexual slavery is around $2,500.  As this campaign is fulfilled this will help to save and liberate the life of one child from the chains of sexual slavery.  This campaign will be the first of many that I will create to support anti-child trafficking efforts and to help in the fight to end child slavery.  

Everyone deserves a fair shot at this incredible ride called "life".  Together let's help give those most in need a second chance.  Be a child's invisible hero.

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