Carianys/Andrews Birthday gift

Instead of a physical gift for the kids they rather you donate to this worthy cause in honor of them



Hi everyone while planning the kids birthday party this year I spoke to my daughter of this project and we have decided that we have been so blessed with so much that we would be highly honored for our guest that would like to bring a gift for the children on there birthday we ask that instead of bringing an actual gift to the party you honor us by donating to this wonderful cause that has touched and moved our hearts. Instead of blessing my children with physical gifts you will be blessing many children with the freedom from Human Traffiking. Thank you for your gift .  From Carianys and Andrew.

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Felix Soto jr

Amount: $ 40.00

Levi G.

Amount: $ 50.00

Great cause! Happy Birthday, Carianys! From, Levi

Ezra D.

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Keri Cabral

Amount: $ 40.00

Glad to contribute in honor of Carianys' birthday.

Elizabeth Fax

Amount: $ 15.00

Happy birthday Carianys! From: Samuel Fax

Czarnecki Family (Izzy)

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Gerardo, Diana y familia

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Leist Family

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Happy Birthday! Cannot wait to celebrate together on Saturday!

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