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This life is so short and it's so easy to get distracted from what's truly important. God rescues anyone from the slavery of sin, who repent and willingly become a slave to Christ. So we are all slaves to something; our own sin or to God. However, it doesn't take a person who is right with God to be troubled by many of the horrible things that people do to each other. My eyes were opened to the reality of human trafficking a few years ago. Many people accuse God for tolerating it, but do nothing themselves to fight injustice. God has trusted me with a little and I will do what I can to make an impact with what I am given. God raises up people like Tim Ballard and desires for His people to be His hands and feet until the right time. There are many battles to be fought, but especially with having four young kids of my own, this fight can't be ignored. So how can I do nothing? 

The Impact

I am a Real Estate Sales Person. I interact with a lot of people in my business. The people I reach in my business I can also reach in raising awareness of Human Trafficking. My website, business cards, and other marketing material are branded with content to raise awareness of what O.U.R does. I also commit to making a donation with every house that I sell to support the rescuing and aftercare of victims. 

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