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Your Story

In early 2015 our family decided to sell our stuff, rent our house, and live on the road. Michael quit his job, we bought a fifth wheel, and we traveled the country. We didn’t have a specific destination or goal in mind. We wanted to experience our beautiful country, meet friends and family, and receive a hands on education. We learned a lot about ourselves and what we want out of life during our cross country trip.

After our trip we prayed for opportunities that would allow us to make a difference and give others a chance to live a better story. We were given the opportunity to volunteer for Operation Underground Railroad After Care. We are blessed to have the opportunity and we will volunteer for one year in a foreign country assisting several After Care facilities.

We are so grateful for Operation Underground Railroad and all they do to help innocent children that have been victimized. We encourage everyone to donate to this great cause so Operation Underground Railroad can help even more children.

The Impact

Think about the difference that is made in the life of a child that is rescued by Operation Underground Railroad. Think about the potential impact that it has on the family and future of that one child. We love Operation Underground and it's mission. We feel lucky that we have the opportunity to help them in a small way as they rescue and help teach life and job skills to those children. Any amount that you can contribute will make a huge a difference to the lives of those that desperately need someone to fight for them as they pray for someone like you to care.

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